About MetaWeather

pref. Beyond; transcending; more comprehensive
n. The state of the atmosphere at a given time and place

MetaWeather is an automated weather data aggregator that takes the weather predictions from various forecasters and calculates the most likely outcome.

The thinking is that the combined knowledge of the forecasters will produce a better prediction.

The Story

I (Jason) was going to a friend's wedding which was partially outdoors in the climatically unpredictable UK. When checking the weather forecast I wondered if I should check another forecaster to see what they predicted - a thought process that lead me to check a number of sites. A couple of poorly written PHP scripts, clunky MySQL database and a few hours later I was crunching weather data from a bunch of sites.

I went on to build a frontend and have since collected nearly a billion forecast & observation data points, as of early 2017. This is the second version of the site, revamped using more robust tech.


MetaWeather v2 was built on a Mac using Sublime Text 2 and uses...


Built by Jason from Potato.